The Astrology of Mega Millions

As the drawing near for the $540 Mega Millions drawing approaches, I thought I’d try a little experiment. After all, the lottery has become simultaneously the symbol for all that is hope and the American Dream, the idea that anyone can plunk down a dollar and walk out a day or so later as a millionaire, and a cautionary tale. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a TV special called How the Lottery Made Me a Happier and More Well-Adjusted Person? 

Uh, never. 

We love to believe that the lottery will solve all our woes. That it will make us more important, lovable, see- and hearable, sexier, and most important, problem-free. Some conscious part of us knows that’s not entirely true, but we believe it anyway, enough to float this industry from week to week, month to month, year to year. 

I have no problem with the lottery itself. It’s an energy, just like a chair, or your mom, or that guy in Starbucks who always smells like dryer sheets. It’s neither positive nor negative, good nor bad. It can be moved about and acted upon, just like any other energy.

I just feel that the lottery should be approached with some playfulness, so I thought I’d look into the astrology of the Mega Millions, and try to cast a chart as if it were a  person. And I was able to find out that the very first Mega Millions drawing was held on May 17, 2002, and its biggest payouts — $390 million on March 6, 2007 and $380 million on January 4, 2011 — happened when the game’s natal Uranus was being affected. Both times, Neptune, planet of hopes, dreams and, yes, doing things to excess, was hanging out right around Mega Millions’ Uranus in Aquarius. 

Tonight, Venus, planet of creativity, the feminine principle and love, will  be part of an applying conjunction to the Mega Millions’ Saturn in Taurus, which squares that Uranus in Aquarius. It’s a little wide — 5 degrees or so — but since Uranus opposes the Moon in Leo, there is a t-square. It’s enough to push the energy toward 22-28 degrees of Scorpio, meaning that could rule someone’s chart, be someone’s natal planet, or represent a significant astro-cartography line through that city or state. 

Me? If I won the lottery, I’d probably give most of it away. Since the Mega Millions’ North Node falls in Cancer, the best use of the money would be sending kids to school. nurturing people, building quality low-income housing and making sure no one felt left out. What a wonderful world that would be. 


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